The Core Basics of Making Money Online

Read the key steps that might help you move ahead in the digital journey.

If you have been thinking about where and how to start the digital journey, read further.

Do you see people on social media making money and you think — “What is the process to do it?”

“I have all the knowledge and even the influence, but why things are not flowing to my bank account?”

Do you think that you need something beyond your normal job/routine that you can start as a passion and convert to your profession?

Is this a question in your mind?

You do not need Certificates to teach that; you know.

Which is the most expensive thing in the world? Is it Gold or Platinum?

It is your knowledge.

Assume, you are an artist making paintings. How much you can charge?

The amount you can charge depends upon the creative ability of yours and your painting to create a perception in the eyes of the buyers.

Can you see it? The moment you move from being a consumer to a creator, you become valuable in the marketplace.

The Basic Premise

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The basic premise of the model is that you should be skilled in a specific topic or the Industry.

This model usually is the one business Hub run by one person.

For example, — You could share valuable knowledge with the people about cooking or maybe social media marketing or digital marketing, etc.

It doesn’t matter in which Industry you are. What matters is your skill in one specific topic or the Industry.

How this business model run is basically on the premise of creating a community or the products around the topic.

You could sell your eBooks, courses, and subscriptions, etc.

Let us talk about why is this profitable?

This model is profitable because of low overheads, low storage costs, and universal reach. You can keep the price of your Book as low as $0.50 or Rs. 40. You can sell your eBook courses at a price as high as buyers can pay.

For any successful dish, there is a recipe.

The recipe defines the base and the ingredients.

So what are the ingredients of a business like this?

You just need the following ingredients to start your eLearning Business:

1. Niche Clarity — Who do you want to serve (Health, Wealth, or relationship)

2. Understanding customer needs

3. A product to solve your customer needs.

4. A learning Management system for the ease of your customer.

The First Step

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The first step to transformation is awareness.

If you do not know what is the ideal weight based on your BMI (Body Mass Index) then setting up any goal is a waste of time.

The first step is awareness.

Know what is the ideal weight, and what is your weight now. The difference is the goal that you have to achieve.

List down all the topics you are skilled in.

Write your life journey.

Understand from your life what is that you came across and transformed as a person.

Is there someone out there looking to live a life like you?

Is there someone who wants the shortcut to achieve the level that you have made? What does your customer want?

What is your biggest takeaway from this article?

Join the Community of Experts who are monetizing their knowledge and making a mark in society.

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