Why Being Resourceful Is The Greatest Asset

The path to being resourceful and “I am Self Made” is the journey where you face challenges get stuck, and there is no going back. You hit the problem hard, overcome it and declare to the world, “Here I am” bigger, better, louder with a bang.

Hey, this is Ashish, and I want to welcome you to my world “officially.”
About five years ago, in 2014, I started my Entrepreneurial Journey when I was working in a management Institute. Three months of my Salary was due. Day in and day out, I was thinking, “how will I manage my life? How will I manage my family?”

My newborn Son, Mukund, was just nine months old. Every day I came home and said to myself… “Is this the life I will give to my family?” “Am I prepared for this?”

Long story… short…

I was struggling, and nothing was working out. I started sending my resume to many institutions left and right, but nothing was working out. With a colleague of mine, I had sent proposals for counseling to many Institutes, but nothing worked.

One day I asked my distant friend, “Can you help me get a job in your place?”

He said, “send me your resume and connect with me tomorrow.” I called him the next day, but the answer was nothing new, “there are no opportunities.”

Then he said, “Can you join me?”

I asked him, “What will I do?”

He said, “whatever I am doing.”

That was the turning point in life — my aha moment where I came to know about the power of Entrepreneurship. That is what an Entrepreneur is and his capacity to help and make money for him. Enquiring further, I came to know about selling the Franchisee of the Institute he was running. One sale was equivalent to $500 Value, 35000 INR, and two sales $1000, 70000 INR value. What a brilliant idea!



What if I take the franchisee?

“Three months of my Salary is already due — some amount I will take from Savings. The Franchisee cost is just $1000, and other expenditures will total to $2000–140000 INR. What if I take the franchisee?” Looking at the cost and revenue analysis, it is a brilliant idea to move from being an employee to become an employer.

So, finally, I took a franchisee of the Institute. Starting up a coaching business, and this experience of mine became my obsession. I looked for many things to fuel my passion and look for all opportunities, and I became a student of “Resourcefulness.” I ventured into other activities where I test and try stuff out. Miracle Life and Mindset Coaching is where I share what I’ve learned.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

The story is not yet over. Within 15 days of starting up the Venture, while I was on the job with the Institute, my employer called me, and we had a long discussion.

He said, “Ashish. A job is a 24 hours job. Notionally you are there for 8 hours only. Now, as you have opened up your venture, decide. Decide whether you want to be with us or you want to be fully there in your venture.”

I was sitting in front of him on a Sunday afternoon, hearing and realizing all that he said. Now the only decision was to take it or leave it. And I left it. I became jobless.

This was the start of my entrepreneurial journey. The journey of being “self-made.” The mission of being resourceful. The trip where you care every month about the employee’s bills and salaries. The journey of sitting in an office extra hour without thinking about how much I will be paid extra. The mission of no compensatory off. The journey of no fixed salary at the end of the month. The journey of being alone and trailing your path. The journey of conquering new and new challenges.

Since 2014 the challenges are new, and life is not a straight line. There are no ups only but downs also, and that’s what life is. But the only thing that has created miracles in my life is “being resourceful.”

“How did I get here?”

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

I was sitting in my office two years ago (2017), feeling a little confused that after everything, it would all end here like this. I had been blindly following the physical coaching business and every other thing for almost ten years, moving towards one goal, only to find out that the whole thing was a lie.

It would change someday…. Jobs are reducing, and the world is going totally digital.

I looked to the left, and I moved to the right….and I felt many are in the same situation as me. They only have smiles on their faces. Didn’t they know what changes are happening in the Industry?

It was Saturday, 30th September 2017. It was the day when I was having the lowest business of the month. “You need to build a business so that you can make a fortune.” Sure, there are a lot of celebrations whenever you start something new, but what about when that original is no more fresh and new.
Sometimes we get the chance to meet the “Challenge and Change.”

For many people who worked with me on jobs, they are still doing the job. Some others have had their business. The claims of business and sometimes a job can’t pay enough. When I looked around for people, it confused me. For me three years ago, I figured out a way to convert a situation into your favor.

Miracle Mindset was how helped me move from Job to BUSINESS, from earning $500 a month to generate monthly annual revenue of $8000 for my business in 2014. Disclaimer — not that consistent since then and has reduced sharply to the lowest of my journey because of various external factors. That’s what a business is and dependent on.

I was sitting in my office. Doing the maths and trying to figure out how much college professors make per day and month.

I assumed they would make something around 500 dollars to 24 thousand dollars per year (May below may be high). As I was an Assistant Professor for ten years, so did the maths. Then I came across the article “People making $1000 a day” approx — 70000 INR. Here we are working for 1000–$2000 a month and people are making $1000 a day. I thought that was awesome.

I was still doing the math, $1000 per day…. $30000 per month, and $360000 a year! But the craziest part is the person only spent a few hours/ day on developing a digital product, That’s it. The creator just created the product once and got paid for it repeatedly!

That’s when I realized, and I do not want to sell things the usual way I was doing in Physical Coaching and as Assistant Professor…. I want to trade like digital Earners. And so that’s what I did. Focusing on selling mine and other people’s products, I generated the Income that was repeatable and recurring.

I did all by focusing on ONE thing….

I am selling my knowledge the right way! When I first became an “Affiliate,” I was concerned because I did not have any credentials, degrees, or anything…. I just knew what I realized, and practices worked, and I want to share it. But what caught me off guard was how helping people get what they want in life changed the quality of my life.

Sure, I made money, BUT… each person I helped opened up new doors for me. But the real hidden benefit has been the fulfillment I get, when I see someone else change his or her life. And that is what this business is about for me. I’m guessing if you’re here, then it is probably the same thing for you Am I right?


The story doesn’t end there, and my business journey has been ever-evolving.
I am continuing with the real coaching business but going more and more digital.

In 2018 my wife said to me, “keep doing your physical business and keep working on your digital coachings and integrate them.” That was another aha moment.


There have been many difficulties, and life will never be up only for anyone, but I know I have to be resourceful.

In 2017, I restarted all learnings of Personal Development and Digital Business skills. It’s been a hidden desire to keep up the momentum and remain independent and inspired.

Being Resourceful with Miracle Mindset, you can transform your life. Finding a mentor, Coach, reading the books, and self-help resources for your problem can help you grow. Having been mentored by Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Steve Jones, and many others, I feel new challenges would come up each day, but you have to become resourceful. Be, and there is no other option. I recommend finding a mentor or coach who you resonate with and trust and getting someone-on-one on one help (or at least get it in a group setting).

If this has inspired you, connect or drop a comment. If you’d like more advice on Miracle Life and Mindset Coaching or anything else related to being an entrepreneur, let’s connect. Be Resourceful and create your Miracle Life and Mindset.

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